Turnkey Cloud Clusters Management Portal

Easily Deploy Clusters and Submit CAE Jobs from your web browser.

Quantum HPC Portal allows engineers to submit jobs to pre-configured HPC servers deployed on cloud providers. Easily distribute jobs across multiple nodes, track progress and retrieve outputs.

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Cloud Clusters

  • Deploy virtually clusters of any size in the cloud.
  • Clusters are pre-configured with your favorite application ready to serve jobs.
  • Schedule or manually terminate clusters to control costs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy cloud clusters on selected cloud providers and choose from a wide range of data center locations, hardware adn technologies adapted to your simulations.


Simple, No subscription, grow as you need

  • Control costs with an innotivative credit system: prepay credits and allocate them to a cluster for a specific period of time.
  • No cost overruns: clusters are automatically destroyed at the end of the period or manually and the scratch is retained giving you all the time you need to post-process your computations.

No storage cost, no transfer cost

Run your favorite CAE/CFD/FEA software on a 1-node 2-nodes 48-cores 128-cores GPU 6Tb of DDR4 cloud cluster.

Choose among available applications or bring-your-own.

Multi-platform web app

  • Control and monitor jobs from any device from anywhere.
  • Application specific integrations: Follow output log file and/or residuals for well-known CAE applications running in batch.